Love, success, integrity, health, courage, passion & promiseRuby the July Birthstone

July’s birthstone, the ruby, was regarded by ancient Hindus as the “king of gems.” It was believed to protect its wearer from evil. Today, the ruby’s red colour signifies love and passion.

According to folklore and stories throughout history, Rubies aid the emotions and is also known to increase integrity, devotion, and happiness.  Rubies will bring harmony of life to the wearer, so one can expect a peaceful life when wearing this stone.

The Gregorian calendar has poems matching each month with its birthstone. These are traditionally the stones in English-speaking societies. It is not known whether these verses below originally are of the Gregorian calendar or not. In fact Tiffany & Co. published these poems “of unknown author” for the first time in a pamphlet in 1870.

The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they’ll be exempt and free
From love’s doubts and anxiety.

The gemstone ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum. Ruby is actually rare and one of the most precious and valuable gemstones. Rubies are the second hardest gemstone, after diamonds. Ruby is said to represent the sun.

With a vibrant red hue, the ruby is one of those stones that can be used for dressy occasions or also step out for a night of fun on the town. At times associated with blood as the essential essence of life, the ruby tends to be one of those stones that people easily recognize, love to wear, and generally enjoy seeing and wearing.

The most popular ruby colour is deep vivid red to slightly purple red.

Rubys in 6mm

These are the 6mm rubies I currently use