How to fill and seal cremation jewellery

  1. Unscrew the threaded bale or screw to open the hollow cavity inside.
  2. Open the container with the ashes in it, they will probably come in a plastic bag inside the container.  Open the bag slowly, so as to not disturb the ashes too much.
    You may prefer to put flower remnants, a lock of hair or even some of the soil.
    Cremation Jewellery Kit sml
  3. Put the opening of the supplied funnel up to the opening of the pendant.
  4. Using the provided spoon, carefully scoop up the ash and pour it into the funnel.
  5. Continue until the pendant 80% full.  If a larger piece gets stuck in the funnel. Carefully invert the funnel back into the plastic bag and repeat steps 3-5.
  6. Clear away excess ash from the opening of the pendant.
  7. Start to screw the thread back into the pendant.
  8. Apply a small amount of super glue to the top 2 threads of the bale or screw (note: this super glue is not included, as it cannot be posted within NZ), but can be purchased at a discount store (eg $2 shop)
  9. Quickly thread the rest of the screw into the pendant.  Do not overtighten.
  10. Wait until you are sure the glue is set before wearing.