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Raspberry Jelly ~ Handstamped and Birthstone Jewellery

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The name Raspberry Jelly comes from a Nickname I was personally given as a child. My first name is Miranda-kelly and my Uncle used to call me “Miranda-Kelly Raspberry Jelly”

What started as a hobby in 2000 making jewellery for myself and family, became an extended hobby making it for friends from 2011 after my 3rd child. I am a work at home mum to 2 preschoolers and a teenager. Late in 2012 I came to a crunch point… being a stay at home mum or returning to work. I really don’t want to miss my childrens young lives and decided there was always time to ‘go out to work’ once they are older.

So I bounced ideas off friends… refine my skills into handstamping or take another route. The response was awesome and I took the plunge. I don’t profess to be a jeweller. I am a handcrafter who has learnt the art of metal manipulation and stamping to create what I believe is a quality product.  Each letter is stamped individually onto a piece of metal by use of a hammer and metal shaft, it is oxidised, filed, polished and lovingly finished into a work of art that I know is individual, unique of heirloom quality.

What is it that makes Raspberry Jelly so special?

1. I personally handcraft every pendant with my own hands. I do NOT drop-ship from China. Most of my raw material are from the United States, Australia and Mexico (because they are not available in NZ), but I take these raw items and personally make your piece.

2. If you have a question about how it is made, I can answer you myself. I KNOW the metals I use very well.

3. I HEAR your stories, and I can honestly say that when I make your product, the love/pain I hear is imparted into that piece. I don’t just ‘churn them out’, each one is made with the heart and importance it deserves.

4. I use quality metals. If I’m not happy with a design because of the particular metal, I redesign. I try to not carry under a certain gauge of metal so that it’s not thin, but a quality product. Because I believe quality is extremely important.

5. When you talk to someone about your order, you are dealing with ME. That’s it, there is no-one else.

6. I use hammers on steel blocks, drills, metal files, shafts of metal with individual letters on them. It is not a quiet craft.

Do you have any questions about Raspberry Jelly that you’ve wanted to know the answer to?? Feel free to ask anytime

Handmade Personalised Raspberry Jelly Jewellery created to tell a story, each as unique as the person it is made for.