Want to be a Brand Rep for RJ Jewellery?

I’m on a search to find some awesome Brand Reps/Ambassadors for RJ Jewellery.

I’m looking for someone who likes RJ Jewellery’s style, and someone who has the ability to take awesome photos of the products and become the visual representation of the RJ Jewellery brand. RJ Jewellery is a family focussed brand and to be one of my Brand Reps you’ll need to be comfortable taking headshots of yourself, or photogenic family members. I’m looking for images I can use to promote RJ Jewellery across all promotional platforms.

You will also need to be able to promote the brand within your own social network system. So please show me your style.

It will be very important that you can create outstanding photos every time you are sent something. Jewellery can be difficult to photograph, so please keep this in mind when going for that shot. Natural lighting is best. These photos will need to showcase yourself and importantly, make the jewellery and accessories stand out.

How to enter:

  • To enter you will need to take at least 3 photos of you displaying a piece of jewellery you are wearing (initially it doesn’t have to be RJ Jewellery to enter, but if you have some RJ Jewellery, please use this; I just want to see how you display it and the types of photos you think showcases the items well). So give yourself a treat and touch up the makeup and get shooting and posting.  I need headshots etc, not just a photo of a hand, ear or chest.
  • Facebook – enter by posting photos on your facebook profile with the hashtag #RJJewelleryBR and PM me a link. This needs to be on a public setting, so I can see it.
  • Instagram – post the photo with hashtag #RJJewelleryBR and tag my IG profile @r.j_jewellery
  • You can also PM your images to me on Facebook or email Miranda@raspberryjelly.co.nz
  • Post as many photos as you like, just make sure you use the hashtag each time and tag me.
  • You will also need to complete the form below.
  • The search will continue until I find two suitable Brand Reps and then we’ll go with a small contracted trial to see how things work out for us both. So make sure the form is filled out correctly, so I can send you the free stuff.
  • As part of this trial, you will receive jewellery and accessories for free and in return you’ll be required to take selfies and/or photos of you wearing or using the items. Possibly up to 3 quality x-factor photos per item.
  • Applying does not automatically mean you will get the contract to be a Rep. The selection process will be decided by the Owner of RJ Jewellery and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • RJ Jewellery reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.
  • By submitting your images you give RJ Jewellery the right to use them for promotional purposes.

Still interested?? Then fill in this form and get clicking 😀 I’m looking forward to see what you have on offer.