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Welcome to the world of Raspberry Jelly ~ Handstamped and Birthstone Jewellery.

Raspberry Jelly was born from a need to be able to work from home, whilst being available for my 3 children. I started with selling solar products, items that change colour dependant on the presence of UV light. I also sold European Charm Bracelets and Imported Jewellery.  You can read more about me in the About section on the website.

Chocolate Bracelet

A Chocolate Brown Bracelet that I have made myself 😀

I’ve been making Jewellery since 2000, just for myself, friends and family. It was something creative that I enjoyed doing.  In 2012 I decided to evolve the business into Handstamping and Birthstone Jewellery, I enjoy the hands on creativity of working with metal and beads; as well as the keepsake and heirloom quality of the product. In 2012, there were not many handstamping businesses readily available online. I was like the new kid on the block, learning the metals and techniques of metal manipulation. I love what I do and now consider Raspberry Jelly to be a premium New Zealand Jewellery Online Store. There are many new businesses evolving daily in area of personalised jewellery online. In future blogs I will delve into the pros and cons of buying jewellery in New Zealand online and how you can buy with confidence.

Premium Alice Circle by Raspberry Jelly

Alice Eternity Circle

I work with premium materials that will stand the test of time. To be able to take a snapshot of time and imprint it on a piece of metal, knowing that for generations to come, they can touch something that their predecessors owned, touched and cherished.

Using birthstones in designs that have being used for centuries as a belief among many civilisations that they held personal curative powers. However there is strong links to the breastplate of Aaron of biblical lines that the stones were aligned to months and the zodiac.  For me using something with such historic meaning in a contemporary way is inspiring.


A replica of the Breastplate of Aaron

I handcrafted custom-made and personalised jewellery for every member of the family and for all your special occasions. Recently I started making wedding gifts for the bridal party and family members. Whilst I deal with most metals, in 2015 I will be honing my products. Sterling Silver .925, Fine Silver .999, Gold, Rose Gold, Bronze, Silver, Brass, Copper, NuGold, Alkeme, Pewter, Aluminium and Nickel… so many metals and each have a different quality and look. I will explain each in the coming weeks. Semi Precious Gems, Crystals and Swarovski products ensure that your product is guaranteed to last the distance and be memorable personalised jewellery for the years to come.

Satin Gold Family Tree Pendant

Family Tree Pendant

Camren Sterling Pendant

Camren Pendant

Raspberry Jelly Jewellery is custom made to suit your style and desires. The website shows some of the many possible designs possible. But if you don’t see something that catches your eye, then please by all means contact me directly and we can design the perfect piece for you with a professional and personal consultation via email or phone. Limited ranges are also available in the Tantrumm Café in Auckland and Ahu in Rotorua.

All of the designs on Raspberry Jelly are designed and lovingly created by Miranda Whitwell (me).  I am the designer, creator, manager, accounts, social media prowess, photographer and distributor.  The studio is based in Rotorua, New Zealand.


This is how each letter is stamped onto your piece

Handstamping is an artform that is unique, each letter is individually stamped into the metal, therefore the depth of the impression and the alignment of characters and spacing may vary slightly from one character to the next.  These attributes should be considered part of its personal character’ rather than a defect.

I am confident that you will be happy with your purchase, as you can see from all the reviews from previous customers.

If you have any questions please send me a message


Breastplate of Aaron Photo courtesy of