Product review and Timesnap Auction

Todays blog is about a sponsored post and a link to a charity auction.

Recently I was sent a complimentary Scentsy Black Raspberry and Vanilla Car Bar from Scentsational scents with LauraBlack-Raspberry-Vanilla-Car-Bar
Having just bought a new (used) car I really didn’t hold much hope in dealing with the stench left in the vehicle. It was a mess (on the inside)… but most of that was superficial, the smoke smell however was not. So I tried the Oust – yep stale smoke and oust gives the classic ‘fresh vomit’ smell. LOL. There was no alternative, but get the car a full on valet. Shampooed carpets and seats etc. So now I have the wet carpet smell and a faint smoke smell.

Day 2: I popped in my Scentsy Black Raspberry and Vanilla Car Bar, I’m not saying it takes away the scents in the vehicle… but it certainly lifted the smell with a warming frangrance.

Day 3: Carpets are nearly dry, smoke smell all but gone and the Car bar has calmed to a pleasant, warm fragrance, that is sweet, but not overpowering. Elegant, but not understated. My car is now something pleasant to get into. Yay!!

So, was it easy to use? Heck yeah. It is a soft rubber on a good length ribbon. So easy to hang without being obtrusive. Maybe if it was slightly smaller, that would have been good. But it’s still a nice product to use and WAY better than the one given by the valet company. Initially I was awestruck with the fragrance – much better with a few days to settle.

So I’m sold… nice product, nice smell and a happy Mum.Scentsy Car Bar

Update: It’s been a month now and the fragrance is still lovely. Albeit it’s been bashed around a bit in my busy car.




CHARITY AUCTION: Timesnap- Angel casts

Timesnap angels

Timesnap- Angel casts Wellington is a free service which creates casts of Angel babies for parents to give them a lasting impression of their beloved child. These are done from 14 weeks gestation up to toddlers. This is a fantastic service which has provided a small amount of comfort to many Wellington parents.
The cost to make these is $80-$120 per Angel which comes from Vicki’s (the face behind timesnap) own pocket. This fundraiser is to help raise some funds to enable her to get more material and continue her free service.
Album will be open to bidding from 7.30 1st June – 8pm 6th June.
All money will be going to Timesnap to purchase materials to make casts for Angel babies.

I will be donating some products to the auction.  You can find the auction here: TIMESNAP Auction!!!